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X-Cart Hosting

Even though we do not provide hosting services for the general public, we do assist our clients in setting up an X-Cart recommended hosting account for their website. There are several great options, and only one we recommend avoiding*.

One of the leading causes for sluggish sales is a poor running website. And the number one reason for a slow X-Cart site? Insufficient hosting resources. Using the correct host is vitally important to maintaining the good health of your website. It might be tempting to go with a cheaper host to save money but that'll cost you in the end. On the flip side, paying hundreds of dollars per month for a server that is not optimized to meet X-Cart's heavy database usage and special requirements is a colossal waste of money.

*Unfortunately, we formally recommend against Total Server Solutions ( We have tried to work with them for years to improve their support and service to no avail. At nearly every opportunity to address shortcomings they have refused. We have worked with various X-Cart hosting companies for over a decade and must recommend against Total Server Solutions for anything more than a basic personal site.