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Product Photography

When your selling medium is the internet, a photo really IS worth a thousand words. Your customers cannot touch, pick up, smell or in any way interact with your products. Your photo is what is going to sell your products!

We recommend Curtis from Pegboard Media for your photography needs.

Pegboard Media

Images are powerful things. They are a direct line to that right half of the brain where emotion, trust, and empathy live. Images communicate. We understand this and do our best to capture your images so they convey what you want them to say to your customers. While the technical aspects of shutter speed, aperture, and lighting are essential in capturing good images, the most important aspect of all is capturing the message.

Curtis Durham brings a unique perspective to the photographic approach. Schooled in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia, he has an eye for design and a natural aptitude for solving creative challenges. In his work, he always looks to understand the goal, the tools available, and a pathway to get from point A to point B in the most graceful way with maximum impact.

Visit Pegboard Media today,, for more information on product photography.

professional product photo professional product photo professional product photo

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We're super excited to announce the launch of our brand new website: X-Cart Help! Offering phone consulting for anything & everything relating to X-Cart. Click the banner above to visit our new site and schedule your phone call with "X-Man" today. Before long, you'll be on the road to fully understanding how your site works.
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