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X-Cart Version Feature List
This is a list of interesting enhancements and significant changes to X-Cart at different versions. This could be used as a reference of what you will get when you upgrade. Which version of X-Cart do I have?
Jump to: 4.7 | 4.6 | 4.5 | 4.4 | 4.3 | 4.2 | 4.1 | 4.0
Jump to: 5.3 | 5.2 | 5.1 | 5.0
Improved SEO & Performance, Mailchimp Order Notifications, Shopper Approved, Bugfixes

It's improved greatly in terms of SEO and performance to make sure your site is fast enough to handle the increased interest.
Skrill and PayPal updates, Store Notifications, SEO, Bug Fixes

Important updates in payment integrations, enhanced delivery of your store email notifications, improved SEO and other interesting changes come with X-Cart v4.7.9.
  • SEO improvements for https, canonical URLs, redirects, async and blocking JavaScript, and image sizing
  • PayPal Express Checkout updated to v4 to replace In-Context Checkout which is going away
  • Email notification reliability improvements
  • Tracking number improvements including workflow and notifications
  • MailChimp improvements to error handling, default merge fields, and resubscription
  • mcrypt extension removed, now using OpenSSL
  • Now supports PHP 7.2 and MySQL 8.0
  • changelog (Three documented contributions by RedLime)
Facebook E-commerce, Mandrill, Amazon Feeds, Shipping Easy

Here comes another X-Cart Classic version — 4.7.8. Apart from bugfixes, it includes new features and improvements, such as integrations with Facebook E-commerce and Mandrill, enhanced Amazon Feeds module, updated X-Payments tools, and many minor but useful fixes and novelties.
Segment, Mailchimp eCommerce, Pay with Amazon

Untiring X-Cart Classic team keeps developing new useful features to make your stores more and more efficient. So, today is the release of X-Cart v4.7.7. However, this blog announcement is not only about v4.7.7, but also about the latest X-Cart Classic features and improvements in general. This is because when we decided upon the tools to be included into v4.7.7, they appeared to be so much-in-demand that we adapted them to older X-Cart versions too.
  • New Segment module
  • New Pilibaba Chinese Checkout module
  • MailChimp Integration updated to API 3.0. Adds support for Abandoned Cart workflow, Product Recommendations
  • Pay With Amazon major improvements
  • Shipping Markups percentage can now be applied to real-time rates
  • PayPal adds support for Payment Reversal and Cancel Reversal
  • Discount Coupons now have an improved expiration format, default date, and expired are marked red
  • AOM fixes for shipping cost reset, product price auto changes, shipping name, customer info, and more
  • Klarna Checkout updated to v5.0
  • UPS address verification issues fixed
  • Google Maps API key now defined by store admin
  • jQuery UI updated to 1.12 and added memcache support
  • changelog (Two documented contributions by RedLime) Beta
  • Latest version of 5
  • Tagline: Increase Conversions, Design Easier, Enjoy Many Other New Cool Tools
  • New - Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics module
  • New - Froala WYSIWYG Editor module
  • New - Order Info for Anonymous Customers
  • New - Canadian Taxes module
  • New meta tags for mobile screen icon
  • Fast Lane Checkout v2.0
  • Improved Attributes and Variants handling
  • Admin - New set different home layout from other pages
  • Admin - New customize CSS from storefront in layout editor mode
  • Admin - New edit invoices in ThemeTweaker
  • Admin - Multiple refunds now available for PayPal and G2A, first time outside of X-Payments
  • Admin - Migration from v4 adds orders import and improves Clean URLs conversion
  • Admin - New edit order email address
  • Admin - X-Payments improvements for creating and managing subscriptions
  • Admin - New non-trusted multi-vendors
  • Mailchimp Ecommerce and Automation finally updated to API v3 (updates available for 5.2)
  • changelog*
  • Maintenance release focused on bug fixes and improved stability
  • changelog
  • * was beta version only
  • Hot fix for license keys verification
  • changelog and 5.2.19*
  • Admin - New Request For Upgrade button for modules which are not yet ready for the new version
  • Bug fixes, and improvements to the upgrade procedure making for smoother upgrade to 5.3
  • changelog
  • *,, and 5.2.18 were beta version only
  • Bug fixes, and improvements to the upgrade procedure making for smoother upgrade to 5.3
  • changelog
5.3 (5.3.1*)
  • New - Crisp White skin: minimalist, flat and material design, vertical rhythm, and Boostrap Grid System
  • New - XC4 to XC5 Migration wizard
    • Migrate categories, products, users, and memberships
    • Migrate payment methods, shipping methods, and destinatin zones
    • Checks for missing add-ons, producing a list of new modules to enable or purchase
    • Not all data appears to migrate, including orders
  • New - Twig template engine replaces Flexy, with converter
  • New - Fast Lane Checkout (optional multi-step checkout)
  • New - Developer portal including updating modules from 5.2
  • New fast cache engine with hole-punching
  • Improvements to email template structure, dependencies structure and Composer, and PHPStorm support, with PDF attachment option
  • Symfony forms styled with Bootstrap
  • Invoice layout changes with PDF attachment option
  • Admin - Webmaster Mode now has drag-and-drop layout edit mode, inline description editing, and new updated profiler with new DebugBar
  • Admin - Bulk Edit to change a few basic attributes of products, categories, and users
  • Admin - Cache rebuild on the fly: code changes now automatically rebuild the cache without redeploy
  • Version numbers expanded to 4 digits to distinguish and allow for purely bug fix releases
  • PHP 5.4 - 7
  • changelog
  • roadmap
  • *5.3.0 was beta version only
  • Bug fixes, and improvements to the upgrade procedure making for smoother upgrade to 5.3
  • changelog
Improved Performance, Bugfixes

X-Cart 4.7.6 comes with significant performance improvements and of course includes several new features. Also, by the release of 4.7.6 we've closed 80% of existing bugs and continue working on the remaining major improvements which require complex changes.
  • Now supports PHP 7 with 2-3x performance
  • New - Image Uploader added to HTML Editor (CKEditor) with drag-and-drop of images into text area
  • X-Monitoring module now included, (subscription required)
  • PayPal Express now includes real-time shipping calculation
  • Checkout removes "select a carrier" shipping menu tied to UPS
  • Admin - Order Tracking now allows multiple tracking numbers
  • Admin - Address Book can now be searched by name
  • Admin - Added settings for VAT Tax Number Validation Service
  • Admin - MailChimp icon finally fixed
  • eWay integration updated
  • Amazon Simple Pay removed
  • X-Payments now allows customers to save credit cards
  • Now supports MySQL 5.7 and mariaDB 10.1
  • jQuery updated to 2.2.4, jQuery UI Tooltip replaces jQuery.tooltip.js, and updates to HTML purifier and PHP Mailer
  • changelog
  • Hotfix for slow page load time with many categories and CleanURLs enabled
  • changelog
  • Business Edition - New Order Messages module (beta)
  • Multivendor Edition - New Vendor Rating
  • Multivendor Edition - Mall admin may now change product vendor while modifying product
  • changelog
  • Maintenance release focused on outstanding bugs/issues and implementing suggested ideas
  • New - Amazon Feeds module
  • Now - Price Costing module
  • New - Template widgets CSS loader
  • Admin - New predefined and customizable date search filters
  • Admin - New categories menus can now be filtered with a new search field
  • Admin - New PayPal Partner Hosted With PCI Compliance payment method
  • Product Options adds List Price to Variants
  • Product Options no longer deletes prices, images, and weights for disabled Variants
  • Products map adds a setting to gray-out characters with no products
  • Google Shopping (Base/Froogle) fixed to export the main category for product_type instead of an additional category
  • Non-standard price format can now be used, such as thousandths
  • HTML5 placeholder attribute now used instead of obsolete Javascript code
  • Clean URLs can now be optionally lowercase
  • Update Inventory can now be updated by only SKU or ProductID
  • Category ID can now be added to breadcrumbs and additional categories in the SEO settings
  • Hidden products are now displayed in Recently Viewed
  • CSS modules can now be limited to specific pages
  • Date selector (separate start and end date fields) replaced with Date range widget
  • Admin - Quick Search can now search Variant SKUs
  • Admin - Origin address can now be set separate from company address for shipping calculation
  • Admin - CKEditor updated to version 4.5.7
  • Admin - Disabled and Hidden products now appear in different colors in popup product selector
  • changelog
  • Hotfix for bugs affecting PHP 5.3, module data loss, Clean URL redirect loops, session data, and duplicate images during import
  • changelog
  • New home page simple banner rotation
  • Business Edition - New Not Finished Orders module
  • Business Edition - New Update Inventory module
  • New add-on module: Order Reports
  • Transaction ID now displayed on customer invoice and order details
  • Adaptive menu for mobile significantly improved
  • Product filters can now be saved and shared with a link
  • Low stock notifications can now be set for Product Variants
  • PayPal module now supports PayPal Partner Hosted With PCI Compliance
  • UPS module updated for the latest API
  • Social Login now merges customer accounts across different social networks
  • Product Reviews now notifies admin/vendor of new reviews
  • Discount Coupons can now limit number of times a coupon can be used per customer
  • Extended Simple CMS is now free and renamed Simple CMS
  • Flyout Categories Menu module is now free
  • Admin - New Print Packing Slip for orders
  • Admin - Order Customer Notes can now be edited
  • Admin - Operate As User can now select an offline payment method
  • Admin - Order filters can now be saved for later one-click reuse
  • Admin - Orders can now be searched by SKU
  • Admin - Orders now contain payment gateway transaction details
  • Admin - Import/Export improvements:
    • Export products, orders, users from results page
    • New import mode: Update existing items only
    • Use NULL value in import file to annul multi-value columns
    • Images can now be uploaded in advance
    • Export All and Export Selected buttons added to the bottom of all item lists
  • Admin - Origin address can now be set separate from company address for shipping calculation
  • Admin - Users search optimized for speed and convenience, new field allows search by any keyword
  • changelog
  • *5.2.11 was beta version only
  • Hotfixs for critical bugs found in 5.2.9
  • changelog
  • New - Pitney Bowes International module included
  • New - Product net weight separate from shipping weight
  • New - Advanced Customer Reviews adds a "reward customer with discount coupon for review" feature
  • Product Options can now have Extra Fields for Variants, export Google Shopping fields for Variants, and Dependent Options based on Exceptions
  • Tax system improvements including the ability to tax gift wrap and payment surcharge
  • Admin - AOM improvements including customer membership pricing, sending edited order comments to customers, and a new Get Price button
  • Admin - Improvements and optimizations to searching for orders, users, and products including filtering in product selection popups
  • Fixed Open/Facebook Graph tags for category and Manufacturers pages to share correct title and image
  • AntiFraud adds a couple new features
  • Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code optimizations including splitting into two sections for better code placement
  • Extra Fields optimizations removes them from products listings by default. This could break certain customizations or add-on modules when upgraded to this version or beyond
  • changelog
  • Hotfix for a critical bug found in 5.2.8 during developer wave
  • Hotfix for a critical bug found in 5.2.7 during developer wave
  • MailChimp Integration module replaces MailChimp Basic
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus APIs updated including Facebook async API 2.3 and the ability to use Facebook comments in Advanced Customer Reviews
  • PayPal In-Context Checkout API updated (upgrade requires adding Merchant ID)
  • Google Analytics Universal Ecommerce tracking fix
  • Unavailable products now return a more SEO-friendly 404 (page not found)
  • Search/spider bots definitions adjusted to decrease site overload by bots
  • Gold Plus - Email Account Activation fixes affecting several systems
  • New - Alibaba Wholesale module (beta)
  • jQuery updated to 1.11.3 (IE8) and 2.1.4
  • changelog
  • New - Payment gateway integrations from SOFORT Banking, EBS India, and POLi Payments
  • Admin - Product Reviews can now be exported and imported
  • Admin - Categories heirarchy can now be rearranged
  • Admin - Skins and layout management page more user-friendly
  • Admin - HTML tags in language variables, once removed for security, are back, including embedding videos in product descriptions
  • Admin - Orders and transaction advanced search adds customer name, zip, and payment transaction ID
  • Admin - ShippingCalc module now enabled by default for 30-day free trial
  • changelog
  • Hotfix for critical security vulnerabilities, with a few important bug fixes
  • PayPal In-Context Checkout expanded to many more countries, bank accounts, and currencies
  • changelog
  • New - ShippingCalc module for unified carriers with many options including per-product, drop shipping, and local
  • PayPal In-Context Checkout expanded to many more countries, bank accounts, and currencies
  • Admin - New phased upgrade rollout process
  • Admin - New User Passwords Import
  • Admin - New Create Language module
  • Admin - Re-deploy process optimized by excluding quickData by default
  • Admin - X-Cart 4 to X-Cart 5 migration script updated to support 5.2
  • changelog
4.7 (4.7.1*)
  • License agreement now limits free upgrades to 1 year, similar to v5
  • New - PayPal In-Context Checkout
  • New - Simple mobile-ready skin: Light Responsive
  • One Page Checkout workflow improvements
  • AOM overhauled:
    • Shipping method name and payment method surcharge now editable
    • Second address line can now be removed
    • Discounts and taxes calculation was incorrect in particular circumstances, now rewritten
    • Added email validation
    • Profile fields, taxes, discounts, and other features re-factored
  • Flyout Menus now ajax loading if cached
  • Updated UPS API and package limits
  • Gold Plus - New Custom Order Statuses module
  • Admin - New Print Packing Slip feature
  • Admin - Clear X-Cart Cache now removes compiled templates if compile check is off (Clear Templates removed)
  • Smarty updated to 3.1 (upgrading notes), additonal notes:
    • added XC_Smarty_Security class
    • direct_access_security is now enabled
    • restored common php modifiers to standard security
    • escape modifier plugin now uses mb_convert_encoding to handle all charsets/utf-8 characters
  • jQuery updated to v2 (drops IE8)
  • jQuery UI updated to 1.11.4 (drops IE7), and updates to jQuery Cookie and jQuery Block UI
  • PHP 5.3.0 minimum requirement (5.3.7+ recommended)
  • changelog
  • *4.7.0 was beta version only
5.2 (5.2.2*)
  • Email notifications are now responsive
  • Images pre-sized to improve page loading performance
  • Clean URL improvements require manual .htaccess change to complete upgrade
  • New - Netbanx (Optimal Payments) module
  • Business Edition - New Site Map module
  • Business Edition - New Multicurrency module
  • New add-on module: My Wishlist
  • Admin - New layout with mobile optimizations
  • Admin - Edit templates directly with enhanced Webmaster Mode with extended Theme Tweaker automatically uses Custom Skin
  • Admin - Re-deployment faster, does not close the store, and has a fail-safe
  • Admin - Choose layout type (one column, two columns left, two columns right, three columns)
  • Admin - Order system overhaul with a new "cart" model which could contain multiple transactions to address order numbers and transaction ids
  • Admin - Can now control and WYSIWYG-edit email notifications instead of creating a new module
  • HHVM support
  • changelog (merged with 5.2.3)
  • *5.2.0-5.2.1 were beta versions only
  • Hotfix for a critical security vulnerability, with a few important bug fixes
  • changelog
  • New - Product lineup: Multivendor Edition added between Business and Ultimate, adding multi-vendor support to Business Edition
  • New - Simplify Commerce by MasterCard module
  • New - VirtualMerchant module
  • PayPal Express Checkout now supports In-Context Checkout
  • Business Edition - New Advanced Order Management (AOM)
  • Business Edition - New Next Previous Products module
  • Business Edition - Wholesale module now supports wholesale variant pricing
  • Multivendor Edition - New Multivendor module (was Pro/Platinum providers)
  • Admin - PayFlow API expanded to PayPal API (Merchant API) for broader account support for post-checkout operations
  • Admin - Sign up for PayPal products directly from admin
  • Admin - Modules Marketplace can now be filtered by vendor
  • The following modules are no longer available to Free Edition but included in Business Edition:
  • Colorbox library updated
  • changelog
  • Maintenance release focused on a few annoying bugs
  • changelog
  • Maintenance release focused on outstanding issues and performance
  • UPS updates, UI improvements, and can now split an oversized order
  • FedEx now supports List and Account rates
  • USPS and Australia Post updates
  • Product catalog cache now cleared for new or now-available products
  • Company email addresses can now have a display name
  • Payment Methods checkout section now hidden when order total is zero
  • One Page Checkout now allows multiple Gift Certificates to be used
  • Upgrades now work with previously applied official patches
  • changelog
  • New - Advanced Order Management (AOM) beta for all editions
  • New - MailChimp Integration
  • New - Mandrill Integration
  • New - PayPal Credit (formerly Bill Me Later)
  • PayPal Express Checkout now a standalone payment method
  • PayPal US and Outside US consolidated
  • Improved customer and admin error messages and non-blocking for fatal customizations
  • Tax and VAT improvements
  • REST API improvements
  • Admin - Brute-force detection
  • changelog
  • Hotfix for loading CSS resources from Windows servers
  • changelog
  • New - Payment gateways: ePDQ Essential, CyberSource
  • Anonymous customers can now be searched, modified, exported, converted to real accounts, and use Address Book
  • Pay With Amazon module now included
  • FedEx SOAP API v14 (new installs only)
  • X-Payments Connector major set of usability improvements and fixes (X-Payments 2.1.1 required)
  • Included skins stripped down to Ideal (Comfort and Responsive), Light & Lucid (2- and 3-columns), and Books & Magazines
  • Optimization for xcart_customers: Moved xcart_customers.cart to new xcart_customer_saved_carts table
  • Now supports PHP 5.5 and MySQLi (not enabled by default)
  • changelog
June 2014
  • New - Internal cron tasks. Being used to clear expired carts
  • Colorbox Gallery now has max width/height settings
  • changelog
5.1 (5.1.2*)
  • Hotfix upgrade system for some who could not upgrade from 5.0.12
  • changelog
  • Canada Post module rewritten and packed with the entire set of features
  • New - Robokassa free payments module (for the countries of CIS and Russia)
  • changelog
  • New - Sign-in or register step added before checkout (no longer truly "one-page checkout"?)
  • New - Back-from-payment popup when canceling web-based payment
  • New - Free payment gateway modules:
  • New - Commercial modules:
  • New - Business Edition (Cloud Standard) free modules:
  • Product sorting now uses links instead of drop-down
  • Database backup now includes custom JavaScript/CSS
  • Sale module improved
  • Picking from address book at checkout now updates properly
  • Product search improves the icon initiating the search
  • Admin - Can now set product order within a category
  • Admin - Can now force a customer to change password on next login
  • changelog
  • New - Subscriptions through X-Payments v2. Allows saving credit cards and is also available for 4.4.5+
  • New - Responsive email notifications
  • Advanced Statistics module removed in lieu of Google Analytics
  • Bestsellers and Recommended Products modules rewritten and optimized, no longer relying on the now-defunct Advanced Statistics module
  • Product returns (RMA) now available to guest orders. First step in rebuilding guest customer functionality coming in future versions
  • JavaScript libraries updated. jQuery updated to 1.10.2, jQuery UI updated to 1.8.23, and updates to jCarousel, jQuery Cookie, jQuery Block UI, and Handlebars
  • Ideal Responsive significantly improved and is now the default template
  • Old stats in database and old files in /var now automatically cleaned
  • USPS updated again for new API released in July
  • PayPal Access has issues that will be patched separately (in 4.6.3)
  • Removed: Advanced Statistics, Google Checkout, Wibiya
  • X-Payments Connector improved
  • IE8 will still work but no longer supported by X-Cart and may not appear as you expect
  • Smarty updated to version 2.6.28
  • changelog
5.0 (5.0.10)
  • New - PayPal Bill Me Later checkout option
  • New - Klarna payment gateway integration
  • New - Two-Factor Authentication module using Authy
  • New - Admin context help system
  • Speed Optimization (product searches up to 5 times faster and more)
    • Product listings and search now use a 1h "product publishing time" cache
  • Ideal Responsive Template now included
  • Next-Previous Products module now included
  • Avalara AvaTax module now included (subscription required)
  • Froogle/Google Base module renamed to Google Shopping
  • IE6/IE7 compatibility workarounds removed
  • Admin - Modules section redesigned
  • Admin - Import optimization and improved import file error messages
  • MySQL 5.6 appears to be supported with the removal of previous "SET OPTIONS" commands
  • Release Notes
  • changelog
  • Last version of 4.5
  • New - X-Monitoring module
  • Significant security enhancements
    • Smarty now in secure mode
    • Cleanup now requires auth code
  • Admin - Database upgrades must now be done with upgrader. Can no longer be done directly with sql upgrade files
  • UK merchants can now use Authorize.Net
  • Optional - X-Payments 1.0.6 minimum requirement
  • PHP 5.3.7 minimum recommended
  • changelog
  • New - TaxCloud module
  • New - Two new built-in skins (Ideal Comfort, Books & Magazines)
  • New - USPS option to split excessive weight into multiple packages
  • All background/on-site/merchant hosted credit card payment methods removed for PCI DSS, along with these adjustments:
    • Storing credit card info in the store is no longer an option
    • Choosing a credit card type is no longer necessary so it was removed
  • Socialize module adds Pinterest
  • USPS module completely revised and updated for the latest APIs
  • UTF-8 now fully supported
  • International product descriptions are now stored in separate tables
    • Product name and description is no longer stored in main products table which could break customizations and modules
  • 4.4 skins should be mostly compatible
  • Admin - Menu now works in Mobile Safari
  • jQuery downgraded to version 1.6.4 due to problems in IE and One Page Checkout
  • Runs on PHP 4.4.0 - 5.x and MySQL 4.1.2-5.x
  • Release Notes
  • changelog
September 2011
May 2011
January 2011
  • Maintenance release focused on improved stability, security, and performance
  • PayPal Express Checkout now supports line items
  • jQuery updated to version 1.4.3
  • changelog
September 2010
  • Maintenance release focused on improved stability and performance
  • jQuery UI updated to 1.8.4
  • changelog
May 2010
  • Last version of 4.3
  • Maintenance release focused on improved stability, performance, and security
  • Last version to include a Subscriptions module (until X-Payments v2 [as of 4.6.2 with support back to 4.4.5])
  • Admin - XSS injection attempts logging added
  • Admin - $store_cc now false by default
  • Admin - Can [again] set the order status for free E-goods orders (since 4.2.3, 4.3 regression)
February 2010
  • Maintenance release focused on bug fixes and improved stability
  • changelog
  • New - AJAX add-to-cart, minicart, and product ratings
  • New - Evaluation Licenses
  • New and previous skins included
  • New payment gateways including Amazon Simple Pay
  • X-SpecialOffers overhauled:
    • bundled products
    • give bonus points per products
    • use conditional products for bonuses
    • limit free shipping to specific delivery methods
    • limit bonus discounts to specific products
    • automatically add free products to cart
    • do not apply global discounts and coupons to discounted items
    • use bonus points for "free offers"
  • Certified PayPal integration
  • Google Checkout now integrates shipping
  • FedEx now uses Web Services (SOAP) API
  • Improved shipping and payment modules
  • Built-in Modules: Advanced Order Management (was X-AOM), X-RMA, Flyout Menus (was X-FancyCategories)
  • Admin - Quick order/product/user search panel
  • Admin - Assign From address for store emails
  • Admin - History of order changes
  • Admin - Three popular WYSIWYG editors
  • Admin - Reorganized sections
  • jQuery updated to version 1.3.2
  • Runs on PHP 4.3.0 - 5.4 and MySQL 3.23-5(.1?)
  • changelog
October 2009
  • Last version of 4.2
  • Maintenance release focused on bug fixes and improved security
  • Anonymous customers can now view product ratings and reviews
  • Admin - Can now set the order status for free E-goods orders
  • Supports PHP 5.3 and 5.4
July 2009
  • Maintenance release focused on bug fixes and improved security
April 2009
  • Maintenance release focused on bug fixes and improved security
  • New - Initial releases now considered "stable" by X-Cart
  • New - CSS-based core layout
  • New - Clean URLs
  • New - Automatic thumbnails
  • New - Authorize/capture support for some payment gateways
  • New - Dimensional and separate package product shipping
  • New - Meta tags for all pages
  • New - Newsletter subscriber export
  • New - jQuery JavaScript library (version 1.2.6)
  • Pro - per-provider shipping
  • Runs on PHP 4.1.0 - 5(.2?) and MySQL 3.23-5(.1?)
March 2009
  • Last version of 4.1
  • (Patches available to support PHP 5.4)
May 2008
  • Special characters no longer allowed in usernames
  • Better support for MySQL 5.0.50/51 (5.5)
October 2007
July 2007
  • Now considered "stable" by X-Cart
  • USPS now supports RateV3
  • Admin - SMTP authentication
April 2007
  • New - Light & Lucid default skin
  • New integrated module: Google Analytics
  • Shipping Label Generator now supports DHL
  • UPS Online Tools now supports negotiated rates
  • HTML Editor now supports Mac
  • FedEx now supports different package types
December 2006
  • New - FedEx Direct real-time shipping
December 2006
  • New - Google Checkout certified Level 2 integration
  • New - Shipping Label Generator, supporting USPS and UPS
  • New - Image Verification module
  • New - Australia Post order tracking
  • Real-time shipping rate caching
August 2006
  • New - W3C XHTML compliant code
  • New - Product variant wholesale pricing and images
  • New - Blowfish encryption
  • New - System fingerprints
  • New - Australia Post real-time shipping
  • New integrated module: Fast Lane Checkout
  • New add-on module: X-Magnifier
  • Enhanced product search
  • Popup detailed images
  • Customers can now be tax-exempt
  • Query, caching, and code optimizations to improve performance and lower memory usage
  • Advanced memberships
  • Supports MySQL 5
  • Admin - Coupon improvements: absolute coupons are more flexible, added "per customer" option, improved notifications
  • Admin - X-AOM can now modify global discounts and coupons
  • Admin - Customer notes now separate from order details
  • Admin - Operate As User
  • Admin - Import/export for all store data
  • Admin - WYSIWYG editor
  • Admin - Payment method surchage
  • Admin - Maintenance agent and logging
  • Admin - Users can be temporarily disabled or logins suspended
  • Admin - Simultaneous customer/admin browser session
  • Admin - View customer wish lists
  • Runs on PHP 4.0.6 - 5(.2?) and MySQL 3.23 - 5(.1?)
August 2006
  • Last version of 4.0
  • (Patches available to support PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5)
August 2005
March 2005
  • Now considered "stable" by X-Cart
  • New add-on module: X-Feature Comparison
July 2004
  • New - Product sorting
  • New - HTML invoice
  • New - Customizable product search
  • New - Multilingual storefront and admin
  • New - Printable information pages
  • New - Predefined settings for Canada and UK
  • New - Froogle export
  • New - Airborne/DHL ShipIt support
  • New integrated module: UPS Online Tools, providing real-time UPS rates and address validation
  • New integrated module: Manufacturers
  • New integrated module: News Management, providing multiple news lists
  • New add-on module: X-RMA
  • Improved Antifraud module, providing address verification
  • Memory usage optimizations
  • Cart product options can now be changed
  • Admin - Improved tax management system
  • Admin - Improved categories management including unlimited categories
  • Admin - More SEO options
  • Admin - Inventory tracking
  • Admin - New start page with statistics
  • Admin - Simultaneous product editing
  • Runs on PHP 4.0.6 - 5(.2?) and MySQL (3?) - 4