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Yahoo! E-mail and Spam Filtering
If you are using Yahoo! for e-mail then you get a featured called SpamGuard which is supposed to help protect you from spam. However, it is the most overzealous spam filter we have encountered. It often likes to consider some mail as spam when it is not. If you are not getting a response it may be due to this aggressive spam filtering. Here is how you can see your Spam settings:
The most common way to tell a spam system to no longer consider mail from a specific person as spam is to add that e-mail address to a whitelist.

Yahoo! has a similar feature, but it works a little differently. You just need to add these e-mail addresses to your Contacts list:
Here is some information on adding addresses to your Contacts list:
This should help ensure that the spam filter does not block e-mail that you really want to get.