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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
RedLime offers organic SEO on all websites we design, develop, and maintain.

What is Organic SEO? From "Organic SEO" refers to the manual type of page optimization vs. automatic submittal and page alteration.

For our purposes this means we do the following:

code clean: all code on Mal's and other basic sites validates. This is something we're working to fix on some of our older sites. Current and recent sites conform with W3C Recommendations and other standards.

keep it simple: less is more when it comes to html and other web programming languages. The less code a search engine spider has to crawl through to reach your content, the better for your site it is.

help with search engine friendly url's: a good page title is essential for organic SEO. For our x-cart sites, we utilize a search engine friendly url mod that turns the standard url from this: to this:

For our smaller sites, we utilize keywords the client would like to target. For example, instead of this (which doesn't tell anyone what is actually contained on the page): - we would use this (is there any question as to what the page contains? No!):

utilize links: an opportunity that is missed quite frequently is the chance to link to pages within your site from your own site. If you are selling widgets in different flavors and sizes and describe some of these on a page in your site, we will help to make sure every product that is mentioned is then linked to the respective product on the page in which it can be found. Good linking is essential for best possible results.