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RedLime HQ

Located in the United States (we are "digital nomads" and can be found just about anywhere at anytime during the year), RedLime Web Development provides services to US-based businesses as well as those located world-wide. While the bulk of our work is done for small home-businesses, we do have the capabilities and knowledge to provide development for larger companies and other ventures.

RedLime is a family owned and run (husband/wife) business. But make no mistake - we are a full-time firm. What does this mean? Simply put - this is not a moonlighting hobby for either of us. We work Monday through Friday (and usually weekends as well!) at RedLime and only RedLime. You can rest assured that your project will be under the care of a full-time designer.

Trust RedLime for all your X-Cart needs. If we can't do it (and quite frankly - there isn't much we can't do!) we have a network of geeks to draw upon.

Why we do what we do

Simply put - we LOVE web development and the X-Cart platform! From basic web design through complex development and ecommerce solutions, we love every aspect of our work. We're not in this to make a million dollars... we are in it because it's enjoyable and we love the exuberant thank-yous our happy clients send our way. We do it because we love it!

Joe… the programmer

Joe is a techie guru specializing in custom X-Cart programming and all-around coding work. He writes the custom code our clients demand and is the all-around geek in charge of anything and everything that our clients throw his way. Joe is a very driven programmer and enjoys coding 24/7. He has been into computers for 25+ years and if he's not sleeping, he's using a computer.

Cherie… the designer

Cherie has 15+ years of design experience and specializes in top-notch customer service. With attention to detail and her inherent perfectionism, no detail is too minor, no job too small. Cherie enjoys things being in their place and is quite linear in her design. She specializes in graphic design work of all types (web or print) and also manages social media accounts for her clients.
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