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Brownie Points

Our clients are the reason we are in business and we are excited to share the terrific comments they have left for us!
Thank goodness for you Joe!! I can't tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate you and Cherie! You guys are the best EVER!!!!!
Two years ago we decided to make the move to X-Cart for our E-Commerce platform. We hired a developer to set it up and skin it to match our site, but we ran into glitches with the way the cart worked that kept us from being able to take the cart live. In the months that followed we hired two other developers who specialized in X-Cart to try to resolve our issues, but only ran into more delays, expense, and frustration.

Then I found Joe at Redlime Web, and I can't say enough about how happy I've been with his work. Joe is responsive, cost effective, and he has resolved our issues, one by one, so that our store is now live and working the way it's supposed to. Joe has earned our trust, and has our business for life.

Charlie Sattgast
I can tell you nothing but wonderful things about Joe and Redlime. He is very professional and great to work with. He came in on budget with our project and as far as I remember was on time. If he was late, he definitely communicated to me the reasons why because I don't remember being upset at all by how long it was taking.

But the best part about Joe is that once he completes your project he is still there for the website maintenance and changes that need to be made. He doesn't just dump you and forget you.

He even tells me if I'm wanting to do something that won't work. He doesn't just do it and take your money.

I definitely, definitely think you found the best x-cart person to work with.
Joe, I want to thank you for all your work. You have been great and delivered everything I have asked of you.
SANKU Muffin-head!!

[This client thinks Joe is the bomb (or a Muffin-Head!)]
Our company makes and sells high-end bath and body products and we needed a website to reflect that. Redlime Web delivered a site above and beyond our expectations. They built us a beautiful, easy to navigate website that is on the same level or above the sites of the major players in our industry.
I am really happy both with the site and with the ease of working with you. I probably will be good for a couple of years but will definitely recommend you to other small businesses like myself.

You have done an absolutely outstanding job overhauling my site Cherie, and I am more than pleased with the professional appearance of the site, and very appreciative of your outstanding responsive service. You are a peach! Er...maybe I should say lime? :)
Many people including myself search long and hard for a professional website designer that is well recommended, dependable and affordable for a small home based business like mine. I found it at Redlime. I had little money to spend but sometimes you must spend money to make money and a well done site is absolutely necessary for business success.

It was a scary thing to make a decision to move to a designer after I had designed and run my own site for a year, even knowing the site needed to be much more professional than it was. But the moment came, the decision was made, based on what I personally know they have produced for others.

Joe & Cherie have the expertise to design a site for any company, small or large and that is obvious by looking through their portfolio. The site they have designed for me will contribute to my long term success and that's the purpose a site should fill.

Thank you Joe & Cherie for your contribution to my success.
This is the second site that I've done with RedLime. Cherie did my first site for me back when she was Webgyrl. And now as RedLime, Cherie and Joe have designed this newest site. I have to say, I could not be more thrilled with both sites. I gave them some basic ideas for this new site, and they took those and created the perfect look and feel right off the mark. They are wonderful and fun to work with and may I add, fast! They take the initiative and definitely go above and beyond the call of duty. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and plan to again. I would give them the highest recommendation to anyone considering hiring a professional design team. Thanks Limes!

We are couldn't be more impressed with our website; it is high end, easy to navigate, clean, and beautiful. Both of you were in constant contact with me, and you worked tirelessly to build a top notch site! Also, the photos look fabulous! You both are pros, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone AND everyone. You have truly helped to make our Internet Bath & Body business a dream come true!! We look forward to a LONG working relationship with you. You two are the BEST!
Good afternoon Joe,

It's a wrap then. By the way, your service is nothing short of outstanding. I am absolutely impressed with the level of communication and the attention to every small detail. I'll be back as a customer, permanently.
In my intial inquiry, I said that I needed someone that was prompt in answering emails/phone calls. I had many responses from you within the day, and we got right work. That was beyond my expectations. But then you went further and worked till long into the night with me to get the job done fast, to my specs, no matter how picky. You lent your expert advise when I asked, and listened to my wishes. I will recommend you to everyone even if they are not shopping for web design services. Who knows who that might be someday ;-) Red Lime went above my expectations and then some!! I'm already considering petitioning the Whitehouse to make a National Holiday in honor of you two ;-)
I've heard about Cherie on the soapmaking groups. She is the best. Originally I went with someone else. What a mistake that was. Cherie is fast, professional and friendly. I recommended her to all my friends that needed help with their web sites. I wish I found her earlier. I've spent a fairly large sum of money with someone else that didn't deliver as promised. She is very reasonable and worth every penny. Thanks Cherie.
Raves all the way! You recoded our entire site for a paltry fee. A huge improvement in design too! After a year of rough experiences, you got us up and running in 2 weeks! We didn't expect miracles but we got them! We've already recommended you to 2 parties. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you Cherie :) For all your hard work. And I know it has been ALLOT of HARD work, LOL! I absolutely love my new site. It's bright, colourful and above all FRESH! Thanks for the time you took to finish the photo's and change the settings to get it just right :))) It's better than I ever dreamed it would be. Thank you :)
Working with Cherie has been the most enjoyable experience. With no prior experience of having a web site, she was a wealth of patience and expertise!! I gave her the jist of what I wanted and she created a web site that was much more than I could have ever envisioned. Everyone has told me how impressed they are with her talent. Thank you Cherie for a job WELL done and hopefully a long working relationship with you!!
Cherie, I can go on and on (actually, I DO) about how impressed I am with your professionalism, quick turn-around time, elegant design and patient suggestions. My customers, family, friends and fellow business people continue to compliment the work you have done. Thank you for saving me time, saving me hassle and saving me from myself, so I can concentrate on what I do best!

The site is awesome and is better than I had expected! Thanks for making the changes for me. I am so happy with the site! You know that this is going to be the beginning of a long working relationship. Thanks again for all your help. I love my site!

B. Phillips
I am absolutely loving this! This site has turned out so much better than I ever imagined and I still have LOTS of things I would like to do with it. I hope you are enjoying it half as much as I am. We are getting some great feedback on the site from our vendors. I think you are setting the standard for other sites to follow. Just remember us when you get famous!
Cherie...We are soooo pleased with our site!! I had a grueling ten months with another "web designer" and still had NOTHING on the WWW ;o( I went thru every song, dance and excuse with the first "web designer" until I was just sick over it. Then I met you!! You have made our Internet Soapmaking Supplies business a dream come true!! I am truly THRILLED with the AWESOME site you created for us...from scratch!! We are stacking up the compliments that we receive, constantly, from our customers on our site!!

I will NEVER let you go...seriously!! I would never trust any other designer with our "babie"!!

You mean the world to me...truly!! Thanks so much for helping means alot!!
Well Cherie, I must say I am _TOTALLY_ impressed with my web site and shopping cart!! Thank you so much! You are absolutely the BEST!! I'm so glad I found you! FYI, my itsy bitsy business has absolutely exploded since you did my web site, submitted it to search engines, and set me up with a shopping cart, and helped me accept credit cards. I am so lucky to be working with you! Thanks again for everything Cherie, and for your ultra-quick responses and solutions to my problems!
Thanks a million! I LOVE it!. I am going to the soap makers forum and show it off!

Give you some KUDOS!!!
As you know, in the year since my website has been published online I have gone through 3 web designers. What's the old adage ... 3rd time is a charm? No cliche here ... in this case it's absolutely true! I love the new website that you've designed for us .. and our customers are thrilled too! Your turnaround time is exemplary and your talent and professionalism second-to-none. I would highly recommend your services to prospective clients.
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